Sunday, September 25, 2011

26.09.2011, St.Petersburg - "An Evening of Forests and Sorrow", pt.2

One more event organized by our community - this time not quite RABM-themed, but there will be at least one band associated with RABM scene. The event will took place tomorrow in St.Petersburg, and it's called "Вечер лесов и грусти, vol.2" (which can be roughly translated as "An Evening of Forests and Sorrow/Sadness"). Line-up:

  1. У меня всё хорошо, очень даже (drone doom, shoegaze, sludge)
  2. Kalendae (atmospheric black metal/post-BM)
  3. Not My Murder (sludge/metal)
  4. Inter Arbores (ambient doom) page / vkontakte

It's the second event in the line of "Evenings of Forests and Sorrow" - the first one took place at the same club in SPb month ago. The lineup consisted of Beauty Of Sirin (blackgaze) and Kalendae. Kora were also invited, but couldn't perform because one of their members was seriously injured.

This time the lineup consists mostly of sludge/doom metal and drone bands, but I hope EoF&S #3 will be more BM-oriented. None of these bands have released anything yet, but Kalendae are about to release a 2-track demo very soon. I've already heard their track called "Qliphoth", and it sounds very promising. BTW, they're members of "Old Roots New Shoots" association, along with such bands as Axidance and Kora (and their side projects: Our Last Rain, Дно, 66°33’39). The bands of O.R.N.S. have a lot in common with Cascadian BM bands, so I hope we'll see something comparable to Cascadian BM scene on post-Soviet space very soon.

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