Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amiensus - "The Last" EP (2010)


Year: 2010
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Desecrating the Throne
  2. Kosmetisk Mørke
  3. Prometheus
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Some more atmospheric stuff released in 2010, this time from the United States (Rochester, MI). The band was started in 2010 by old members of Rochester bands The Last & Minos, with the intent of bringing together 6 people who were extremely into the black metal scene but had several different talents. "The Last" EP was recorded in Wisconsin, mixed and mastered by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams, Aborted). Don't expect it to be raw and agressive, it's melodic and atmospheric stuff (but not in the "Cascadian" way). Of course, the EP is free for download, and posted here with the permission of the band.

An upcoming 8-track full-length album will be titled "Restoration", and is expected to be released August this year. Here's a preview (the 1st half is entirely acoustic):

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