Monday, June 25, 2012

Barshasketh - "Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thralldom" (2010)

BARSHASKETH "Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thralldom"

Year: 2010
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Country: Scotland (formerly from New Zealand)

Track List:
  1. Entzauberung
  2. Imprisoned in Flesh
  3. The Whisper of Abyssal Winds
  4. Pantheon of Traitors
  5. Penetrating the Unplumbed Darkness
  6. Illuminated by Shadow
  7. Upon the Ashes of the Betrayer

"We are a black metal from New Zealand/Scotland, and we would love it if you could feature us on your awesome blog!". So, why not?.. The music is very good, definitely recommended for everyone who likes atmospheric black metal with acoustic parts.

"Barshasketh is a project firmly rooted in the darkest recesses of the underground. Utterly opposed to religion and politics in all of their corrupt and hypocritical guises, Barshasketh’s message is one of adversarial spirituality and the unrestrained exercise of personal will. Without pretense or posturing, Barshasketh is our honest and uncompromising interpretation of Black Metal music"


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  1. These guys are SO FUCKING GOOD! def. one of my top albums, now.