Sunday, April 25, 2010

More videos made by me: RABM compilation pt.2 & Revolutionary Metal compilation

Hope you all have seen my first RABM video. Now here comes the second part, featuring Skagos, Mania, Alda, A Cloud Forest, Suicide Nation, Homvncvli, Ravensdöm, Black Trinity and Hospise:

And one more video made by me, featuring some death, thrash, heavy and folk (not black) metal bands that hold leftist (anarchist, or libertarian communist) views - namely Aztra, Subvertor, Espartako, A Punto, Lluvia Acida, Proletarier, Domination Obliteration, Proletar, Slaughter 2017, Eshelon, Totenmond, Neuron, Heaven Shall Burn and Arch Enemy:

In my opinion, videos are very good for propaganda - they're relatively easy to make, and easy to access from any part of the world via Youtube. I've also uploaded them to Rutube, but they haven't got much views there. It would be good to upload them to sites like Tudou or Nico Nico Douga (especially because most of the residents of mainland China doesn't have access to Youtube), but I don't know neither Chinese nor Japanese language.


  1. Awesome...I've been turned on to a lot of bands just by watching the videos! Thanks for posting.

  2. please add espartako