Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paganism vs. Nazism - Ophidian Forest’s statement

There's a pagan/black metal called Ophidian Forest, which is a result of international collaboration between 3 individuals who come from Netherlands, USA and Croatia respectively. Unfortunately I was unable to find any of their two albums anywhere, but their statement against nazism is pretty interesting:

"Apparently some people have added us as friends, thinking we are a NSBM band, and deleted us when they realized we weren't. Well, too sad about them. To avoid further confusion in the future, this is what Ophidian Forest has to say about such matters:

They can all go screw themselves. I for one have no respect for morons who think there's something cool about fascism. And surely they mean a more "cabaret-style" kind of fascism to decorate their misanthropy, because they have not the slightest idea how uncomfortable they'd feel in a totalitarian regime with secret police lurking everywhere, ready to put you in jail or torture you if your attitude went against the authorities.

Black metal should not be in support of oppression, but should hold up a big finger against the oppressor, or oppressive mentality, of Western Christian society. Stupid nazis whining about a few Jews here or there... well, boohoo, I say. Those who say the proud White Caucasian race is getting weak because of mixing blood and letting "strangers" invade their countries... boohoo again.
People complaining about such things should go and find themselves a woman willing to bear them 10 nice, blonde and blue-eyed Aryan kiddies (let's hope they won't come with any mental deficiencies!) and then see how unmanagable, expensive and backward-minded that is.

One reason why bands like to portray themselves as NSBM is because the Swastika and Nazism have become symbolical for hate in the Western hemisphere.
Being against Nazism doesn't mean I'm against hate, because there's a lot to be hated. Most of all, I hate the fact that there are idiots who worship a time when certain Germans were screwing up Europe with a system that failed to work, and caused a war that irrevocably ruined the position of our continent, making many formerly influential European countries powerless puppet states of the USA (that is a fact). What an archievement! This was all thanks to National Socialism and its unfeasible ideals.

Thus, being anti-Nazi doesn't mean we're all stupid, goody goody tree huggers (probably the false assumption some people make before they delete us) but are against the abuse and hijacking of history. The Christians have already done that and look what it brought us? We don't want to be politically correct, leave that to anxious people afraid to offend anyone and who think no one's able to take things with a pinch of salt sometimes.

Nazism, however, is not to be taken with either a pinch or a ton of salt and I take it as an offense to sanity and intelligence. To understand extreme thoughts is a show of open-mindedness, but understanding them doesn't mean that they are approved of. I understand the idea of wanting to shove everybody you hate and fear into a gas chamber and into the oven. In the end I think that's a waste of energy, gas and thought..."

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  1. Their album Redbad Is Most excellent,a must own for any music fan.

  2. Yes they are anti nazis. The croatian buddy is one of my close friends.

  3. They have a new album out now, did you know that? It's called "Plains". Boring title, but actually a very wild album.