Monday, April 26, 2010

Life Is A Lie - "Life Is A Lie" (2002)

LIFE IS A LIE "Life Is A Lie"

Year: 2002
Genre: Blackened Crust / Grindcore
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. O Novo Pagão
  2. Glória e Guerra
  3. Pâmela
  4. Ossimorpmoc Moc Sanatas
  5. Gasolina
  6. Estrela
  7. 6 Horas no Inferno
  8. Doença
  9. A Dança
  10. We're Satan's Generation (Impaled Nazarene cover)
  11. Festa num Carro em Alta Velocidade
  12. Pensamentos de um Assassino Serial, Comendo
  13. Deja-Vu

Life Is A Lie were a six-piece band from São Paulo, Brazil. They played an insane mix of crust, grindcore, death metal and black metal, not much worrying about belonging to any particular genre - so they were probably the first band in Latin America to mix crust punk with black metal. Their lyrics (which can be found on Encyclopaedia Metallium translated to English, along with detailed commentaries) cover a wide range of subjects: from anti-Christianity to philosophy and personal feelings, and even sex (no kidding, just read the lyrics for "A Danca"). And of course, political subjects:

"Apoiamos a revolta popular
Gasolina, garrafa, pedaço de pano
A arma do povo contra o estado é o próprio povo
Um novo homem, nova sociedade baseada em liberdade" 

(a very loose translation:
"We support the people's revolt
Gasoline, bottle, a piece of rag
People themselves are a weapon against the state
A new human, a new society, based on freedom")

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  1. Actually Life is a Lie shoudnt be consider a Red or Anarchist Black Metal band 'cause the only song about it is "Gasolina", which is a Kusta Passaa (an early 90's vitória area hardcore band). I had Kusta Passaa's deme but its gone now, and the only recorded archieve i could find is this: (you can listen to "Gasolina" at 6:10 of the video)

    Kusta Passaa members are actual active members of some renowned brazilian hardcore/powerviolence bands, such as Mukeka di Rato.