Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life Is A Lie - "Tomo II: Sobre os Fundamentos d'Ordem" (2006)

LIFE IS A LIE "Tomo II: Sobre os Fundamentos d'Ordem"

Year: 2006
Genre: Blackened Crust / Grindcore
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. O Tempo Destrói Tudo
  3. Chuva Dourada
  4. Gardenal 200mg
  5. Vulcões
  6. De Pé Entre Ruínas
  7. Crescei e Multiplicai-vos
  8. Kali Yuga
  9. Ordem Bestial
  10. E.M.C.
  11. A Luz do Meio-Dia
  12. Soneto do Sorriso
  13. Soneto do Romance

The second (and the last) album by Life Is A Lie. Just like their previous release, it features an excellent mix of crust, black metal and brutal death metal / grindcore. The archive also contains some tracks by Parental Advisory (pre-Life Is A Lie).

P.S. I don't know much about the current state of the band. On Metal-Archives they're listed as "active", but other sources state that "they ended unhappy".


  1. They ended because some members was envolved with drugs (crack). A tragic end.

  2. this is part of their (dis)information campaign. but life is a lie is buried. they stated it in portuguese.

    all members are alright.

    two are running this site/book publisher/label


    the other ones are still active with other bands.