Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Suicide Nation & Yaphet Kotto - split (2000)


Year: 2000
Genre: Blackened Hardcore (SN), Hardcore/Screamo (YK)
Country: USA
Label: Council Records

Track List:

Yaphet Kotto
  1. Critical Response
Suicide Nation

  1. Collapse & Die

Engineer - Albert Beltran (tracks: 1) , Clay Holley (tracks: 2) , Mike Hissong (tracks: 2)
Track #1 recorded 12.99 at Toast Studios SF CA
Track #2 recorded between 12/99 & 01/00 at Livinghead
Pressing Info: First Press - 1500 (Black Vinyl), Hand-screened band names on cover, folded lyric sheet.

With this split, I have the almost complete discography of Suicide Nation (except for the single "Creation Is Crucifixion"). And the song "Collapse & Die" presented on this split is just awesome. I think it's the best song ever recorded by Suicide Nation, and no wonder that A.Lundr (Panopticon) likes that song too ;)

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