Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anarres - demo (2006)

(no cover)

ANARRES "demo"

Year: 2006
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Post-Rock with Blackened Crust overtones
Country: Lithuania

Track List:
  1. Historia ei ole ohi
  2. Raison d'etre
  3. Manifeste canibale
  4. Ambivalency
  5. Fuck the urstaat
  6. Titoreru
  7. Outro

Anarres are an anarchist band from Kaunas, Lithuania, who recorded their first demo in spring 2006. Back in these days, they were playing some kind of screamo/post-hardcore/experimental post-rock. This kind of sound is very typical to Baltic bands - if you like such bands as Tesa or When My Authorities Fall, then you know what I mean. Unlike their 2009 album, this demo isn't very much influenced by black metal, but it's still an interesting release (but please keep in mind that it's home-made, so the quality of production isn't very good).

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  1. hey thnx for posting this, would be nice if you also make a post for the 2009 recording ;]
    greets from anarres