Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fall Of The Bastards - "Dusk Of An Ancient Age" (2004)

FALL OF THE BASTARDS "Dusk Of An Ancient Age"

Year: 2004
Genre: Death/Black Metal, Cascadian Black Metal
Country: USA
Label: Parasitic/End Theory

Track List:
  1. In The Midst Of Obsolete
  2. Intrinsical Lost
  3. Put To Death II
  4. Signs Of An Impending Apocalypse
  5. Angelrot
  6. Otherwise Blank Expression
  7. Idiocy Parade
  8. Dawn (The Morning After)
  9. Where Dead Hang From Trees (live)
  10. Put To Death I (live)
  11. Otherwise Blank Expression (live)
  12. Wanderers Of A Deserted Plain (live)

It's the last full-length release by that amazing Portland-based metal band (some members of which now are playing in Oakhelm and L'Acephale). If you're new to FotB, I'd recommend you this album first - it's for all lovers of progressive black/death metal!

Most likely there wouldn't be many updates in the near future, since I have too much to do besides this blog... but at least I'll try to do as much as possible. Maybe I'll make RABM-related videos, or to do some other stuff. Thank you all for your interest in my blog, and stay tuned!


  1. Updates: please do! This blog is probably the best thing on the internet. One billion thanks for your efforts.

  2. Hails!

    I have uploaded Wake's half of their split with Skagos.

    Download it here: sharebee.com/2b9289a1

    Skagos, Wake, and all the bands featured on RABM deserve your support, so get the fuck out there and buy their records!

    Thanks for your effort in maintaining this blog, B_K. It doesn't go unappreciated.

  3. fuck yea one of my favorite bands for sure

  4. keep it up its good blog.

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  6. I know you said your busey and all but I know another band you might be interested in. Book Of Belial from Portland. At very least Anarchist friendly. I know atleast 3 of the members used to be anarchist crusties. I have not talked to them in a long time, but its worth checking out and the music is good.

    You can find them at:

  7. Hi! S here from Crucified Bastard.
    Check Satanic Threat.
    They are members from Midnight and Nunslaughter and play Minor Threat-like Hardcore Punk with Satanic/Antichristian lyrics.
    I know they arent RABM(I meand they are just a HC band) but this 7" is one of the most enjoyable records ever(at least for me).
    The songs are similar to the MT songs. At some songs some of the riffs are the same.
    Worths to check.

    Satanic Threat-Into Hell 7" :

    Bands myspace:

  8. Hello, if u want to, add our blog ;)


  9. i'm willing to share any of the releases that i have if you want them. email nate[-at-]eternalwarfare[-dot-]org

  10. First, thank you all for your support! Unfortunately, not only I don't have much free time right now, but I also have some problems with my internet connection, which would last until the end of the month - so now it's very hard to me to download or upload anything. But anyway, I'm trying...

    qQlxqln: why not, it's a very good blog ;)

    S: of course, I'll appreciate any music recommendations, no matter how they're related to the topic of my blog. Currently I'm not much into old school HC stuff, but anyway I'll check it out.

    Foul is Fair: thank you for the split! I'll download it later.

    As for Book Of Belial, they definitey seem to bee anarcho-friendly, and they did a split with Embers, but I couldn't find any of their releases anywhere. Maybe I should add them to my wishlist.

  11. hey I noticed you have fall of the bastards. I can't find there fucking lyrics anywhere. I didn't buy their albums and they didn't come with the download. Just wondering if you had them or knew where to get them? thanks =)