Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anarres - "Tarp Bajerio Ir Mirties" (2009)

(actually, there should be a cover; but it's too ugly so I decided not to post it, lol)

ANARRES "Tarp Bajerio Ir Mirties"

Year: 2009
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: Lithuania

Track List:
  1. Duke Nukem (They Live)
  2. Shuttle
  3. Baime
  4. Maziausiai dramatizuotas tekstas
  5. O.K.del
  6. It has swallowed us all
  7. Kobenhavn

If you have listened to 2006 demo by Anarres and are expecting the "postrock-ish" sound from their first album, then they're wrong. Now they're switched to deeply blackened crust... and they're playing it very good, I must say! The lyrical themes are varied from personal to political, and the music is dark and powerful. I don't know any other blackened crust or RABM bands from the Baltic states, but "Tarp Bajerio Ir Mirties" by Anarres makes me to expect much more good releases from Baltic scene.


  1. oh now i see u posted it, n/m about the other comment then, thanks for spreading the music
    greetings from anarres

  2. i wonder if "anarres" comes from the anarchist scifi novel "the dispossessed"