Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bhopal - "Where Morality Fails" + "Age Of Darkness" (demo, 2007)

BHOPAL "Where Morality Fails" + "Age Of Darkness"

Year: 2007
Genre: Blackened Crust, Crust Metal
Country: Italy
Label: self-prod.

Track List:
  1. Opposition
  2. Where Morality Fails
  3. Loser Generation
  4. Bike Punk Apocalypse
  5. Age Of Darkness
DOWNLOAD (upd.: there's a much better full-length album from them)

Just another metallic crust band, formed during the fall of 2004 in Italy (Alessandria). So far they have recorded two demos, titled "Where Morality Fails" & "Age Of Darkness", and I've uploaded both of them. Now they're searching for labels interested to release their CD or LP (7 new songs + 3 re-mastered songs from the demo).

"Influences: Bikes and Beers, our other bands, swedish old and new crust, death'n'roll, black metal, the Apocalypse, Nuclear holocaust, the Vikings, bikes and Fausto Coppi" - from their myspace.
Despite that, I don't hear much black metal influence in their music, it's more like death metal/neocrust to me (and the band members actually look like skinheads, lol). But it doesn't make their music less awesome.
P.S. The band name is a reference to Bhopal, a city in India which is infamous for the worst industrial disaster in human history (click here for a very detailed info on that event).

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