Wednesday, December 16, 2009

4scums - "Пёс Войны" (2009)

4 SCUMS "Пёс Войны"

Year: 2009
Genre: Crust Metal, Punk-82
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Ад на Земле
  2. Дай выжить другим
  3. Рабы
  4. Пес войны
  5. Выбирай свою смерть
  6. Город мертвых людей
  7. Повседневный террор
  8. Насилие! Голод! Смерть!
  9. Ресурс для войны
  10. Продано!
  11. Власть
  12. Похуй! Нахуй! (cover Г.О.)
in English:
  1. Hell on Earth
  2. Let Others Survive
  3. Slaves
  4. Hound of War
  5. Vote for Your Death
  6. City of the Dead
  7. Everyday Terror
  8. Violence / Hunger / Death
  9. Resource for War
  10. Sold Out!
  11. Power

I feel it's my duty to post this release, since most of you who live outside ex-USSR may just never know about it. It's certainly one of the most acclaimed releases of Russian crust punk scene in 2009, though it was released only a few weeks ago. Many people label it as hardcore/punk-82, but for me it's typical modern crust/d-beat. It's not as "blackened" as "Hellfuck" by Antimelodix, but it's still very metallic. The only thing I have to complain about this album is that the tracks are all very monotonous. Anyway it's a very good release even by European standarts, and I hope for much more good bands to come from that region (4Scums and Warborn are from St.Petersburg, and Antimelodix - from Petrozavodsk, not very far from SPb) in the future.

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