Saturday, November 28, 2009

XDeclarationX - demos 2008-2009

xDECLARATIONx "demos 2008-2009"

Year: 2008/2009
Genre: Blackened Metalcore
Country: Ukraine
Label: self-prod.

Track List:
  1. Disobedience
  2. To Withstand The Iron Heel
  3. Feel The Death
  4. Black-Green Dawn
  5. Minute
  6. Losing The Soul
(in Russian):
  1. Неповиновение
  2. Противостоять Железной Пяте
  3. Почувствуй Смерть
  4. Черно-Зеленый Рассвет
  5. Минута
  6. Потеряв Свою Душу

XDeclarationX were a six-piece anarchist straight edge metalcore band from southern Ukraine, formed in november 2007 and disbanded in march 2009. They're surprisingly well known in  Russian/Ukrainian sXe hardcore scene. Their music is very well produced for an ex-USSR underground band, and the black metal influence on their sound is very noticeable. Most of the vocal parts are sung in a black metal way, and some of the blastbeat parts strongly remind me of Iskra. Of course it's not Timebomb, but it's good anyway ;)

The weaker part of these demos is the lyrical content. The lyrics of XDeclarationX strongly remind me those of Earth Crisis, and they're all written in Russian language. I'm pro-environmentalist, and I think I can define myself as a straight edger (though I don't need to), but some of their lyrics are too hardline even for me. (Same shit with the lyrics of another Ukrainian act, Life Is Hell). It should be mentioned that only two of XDeclarationX members were hardline, and overall they weren't a hardline/pro-life band. They also seem to be inspired by the writings of Jack London ("The Iron Heel", in particular), John Zerzan, and Noam Chomsky.

Check out their interview for xMargin of Braveryx zine (in Russian).

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