Saturday, November 28, 2009

WinterAxe - demo (2008)


Year: 2008
Genre: Blackened Crust / Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: USA
Label: self-prod.

Track List:
  1. Introit
  2. Unholy Vamin
  3. Whispers Within The Dying Woods
  4. Interlude I
  5. Hollow Spirit Of Desolation
  6. Amongst The Stone Garden
  7. Interlude II
  8. Poets Of The Black Sun
  9. Sanctuary Of One's Reflection

7inchcrust pointed me to this band, which is said to be formed in mid-2006 by some members of Los Angeles crust punk scene. It's good enough for a first full-length demo, and I haven't expected such depressive and "wintry" atmosphere from a Californian band.

Their sound seems to be highly influenced by the old school crust/stenchcore like Amebix, Hellbastard, Axegrinder, etc. However, they can't be compared with such american RABM acts  as Panopticon or WITTR. But it's only their first demo, and I hope their sound will improve in the future. If you find Winteraxe boring, but love that kind of music in general - try Filth of Mankind instead, you wouldn't be disappointed. As for me, I liked the ambient-ish tracks (#1, #4, #7), the rest of the demo also has enough of good melodies and riffs.

By the way, I'm really curious about the lyrics of #8 track. It seems to be about Black Sun, a prominent symbol in Armanenschaft, which is frequently used in Nazi mysticism (and by NSBM bands in particular). It's very interesting, what views the "no gods no masters"-band like Winteraxe has on that symbol.

Well, it's enough for today. And as you could notice, my English really sucks, especially @ the middle of the night - it's already 4:00 a.m. here, so I need to go to sleep... Stay tuned!


  1. Just so you know, your english doesn't suck at all. It's actually quite good. And this is a good blog.

  2. Holy shit!
    So I just came across your blog and i gotta tell you, this is a dream come true.
    I knew there HAD to be leftist/anarcho black metal out there but I was just not aware of any besides Panopticon and Iskra. Anyway, your blog fuckin rules!

    Cheers and much love from Austin and the Centex ARA!
    -Christopher Gebel

  3. check this
    crusty death metal from Germany, here is their demo:

  4. Great thanks for all the responses! I'll check out all the recommended stuff very soon.

  5. UNHOLY SHIT!!!!

  6. Hey!
    Any chance of a new link? This one seems dead, as does the one on (as it is the same). Thanks a lot in advance.
    And you really don't have to shy away from your English. I would like to be able to write such long texts as you do with the same ease (read: in the middle of the night). Cheers!

    1. Thanks! Here's a a bunch of links on multiupload:
      Hope at least some of them won't expire anytime soon (and also hope I wasn't too late with it).

    2. Great! Don't worry, better late than never ;). And you certainly had better things to do. Thanks a lot for the links, and for the awesome discoveries I made thanks to your blog! Keep on the good work, it is really appreciated! Cheers!

  7. Crazy.
    We broke up within 6 months of releasing this demo.
    I myself don't even have a copy anymore. Well now I do, link still works!
    - Wolfbird

    1. Nice to see you here, and sad to hear that your band is no more.
      Cheers for you too!