Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Arête - "Demo" (2016)

ARÊTE "Demo"

Year: 2016
Genre:Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Sojourner
  2. Unquiet Passaging
Facebook / Bandcamp

Arête is a Black Metal Band from the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains and the Black Hills with members of Evergreen Refuge,  Deafest and Twilight Fauna.

Mother Earth - Uk'ux Ulew (2016)

MOTHER EARTH  "Uk'ux Ulew"

Year: 2016
Genre: Crust Punk
Country: Guatemala

Track List:
  1. Muerte a sus ídolos (Death to their idols)
  2. 1760
  3. Humanidad construyendo su propia destrucción (Human kind constructing their own destruction)
  4. Más de tres décadas teñidas con sangre (More than three decades painted with blood)
Facebook / Bandcamp

Mother Earth is a Crust Punk band from the Mayan villages in Guatemala.
"The Mayan Paganism  was in the colonial era a form of resistance to the evangelization and the colonization... this acts inspired the title of the EP"

Tarsius Tarsier - "La boca del culturista" (2016)

TARSIUS TARSIER "La boca del culturista"

Year: 2016
Genre: Blackened crust
Country: Spain

Track List:
  1. Las tijeras 
  2. España crujía 
  3. Corveta
  4. Ojo de lana
  5. Quitamiedos
  6. Negatoscopio

Tarsius Tarsier is Blackened Crust band from Spain that has been featured on our blog before. "La boca del culturista" is their new release, and you can download it for free at their bandcamp site. Personally i really like this band so i hope you can take a time to listen to them. 

Plague of Carcosa - "The color out of space" (2016)

PLAGUE OF CARCOSA "The color out of space"

Year: 2016
Genre: Drone/Doom Metal 
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. And the beast shall inherit the earth
  2. Yithian Ruins
  3. The rains of castamere (bonus track)

First EP from solo Chicago metal project Plague of Carcosa - two tracks of drone and doom, largely improvised, guitars tuned all the way down to F. The first two tracks invoke SunnO))), Bong, and Lovecraftian imagery, while the final track is a punishing rendition of the popular Lannister anthem from Game of Thrones with guest vocals from the bassist of Tower of Silence.

Avenge the Throne - "The Burning Chariots in the Skies" (2016)

AVENGE THE THRONE "The burning chariots in the skies"

Year: 2016
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Metamorphosis
  2. Among the Goliath structures
  3. Blinden by earth
  4. The burning chariots in the sky
  5. Scriptures
  6. To the scaffolds
  7. Volcano
  8. Nebulous chasm
  9. Expanding light opus I

Avenge the throne is a Black Metal band from Silicon Valley and Salinas Valley of California. "This is a project about expression, elements, emotion, nature, spirituality, defining ourselves and being beyond the tradition orthodox Black Metal sound. We do not call ourselves satanists, or set ourselves in any crowd of religion.
Individually we seek for the truth in all beliefs, and the morals within them.
The cross we bear is to symbolize the unification of matter and spirit.
Our music is used as an artistic expression, and additionally an emotional, physical, spiritual expression as well.
We would like to thank anyone who follows us on our journey."

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Veldtchasm - "Bodies Putrifying In The Swannanoa" (2016)

VELDTCHASM "Bodies Putrifying in the Swannanoa"

Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Bodies Putrifying in the Swannanoa

Veldtchasm is a project from Asheville that plays a mix of Black Metal, Death Metal and Sludge. 
"While not strictly anarchist or Marxist, our lyrics reflect the impoverished and environmentally degraded yet culturally rich realities of our home in the Southern Appalachian mountains, and we stand in solidarity with those who oppose the exploitation of the poor and of the vital ecosystems of the region."

This guys are constant readers of our blog, they have just to songs in their Bandcamp, but by now its a good project. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

||| - "Lines & Lands" (2016)

||| "Lines & Lands"

Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Italy

Track List:
  1. A mirroring sleep 
  2. Line |
  3. Line | (reprise)
  4. Line ||
  5. Line || (reprise)
  6. A sleeping mirror

||| (Three pararel lines) is a band from Italy and this is the debut demo. The album is entitled 'Lines & Lands'. It's a mix of ambient/black metal and noise. 
||| Lines & Lands |||  Is nothing but a twisted perception of a frozen reality. Truth never spoke, lies never told. 
Nature and sorrow, noise and light are brought together and recalled on this half-hour recording. 
Distant from all the beauty, colours don’t matter. Feelings just don’t belong. Just a mere, abstract and cruel representation of time and space, of lines and lands.

DOWNLOAD and you can also hear the stream on Youtube. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Harrower - "Remembrance" (2016)

HARROWER  "Remembrace"

Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Embracing
  2. November
  3. A pale sun
  4. The tower
  5. Mountain cradle
  6. Harrower

Harrower was conceived in 2013 within the mountainous region of upstate New York in a Hudson Valley village called New Paltz. A term used to describe cultivators of the land, Harrower plays a double entendre with harrowing: distressing, to call forth a sound of desolation and struggle. Harrower brings together the atmosphere of the rural landscape with black and post-metal in its debut album, the same sound it has shared on stage with bands like Yellow Eyes, Black Table, Planning for Burial, and Funeralbloom. 

Remembrance is struggle and strife. Hatred, despair, and loss pervade the first half of the album before transitioning into coping and understanding: feelings of overcoming anguish. With the natural world as its backdrop, the lyrics place importance on the inclusion of nature in the overcoming of ones internal struggle”

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Worm - "Nights in Hell" (2016)

WORM "Nights in hell"

Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Another night in hell
  2. Dark prophecy awaits
  3. Phantom blood
  4. Frost coffin
  5. Hell knight
  6. Shadow self
  7. The crypt beneath the swamp
  8. Holly forsaker
  9. Earth bites back
  10. Unholy crusade
  11. The witches falcon
  12. Throne of the wicked 
  13. The haunting beneath the firs
  14. Etereal (bonus)

The second demo of this band invoked in true primitive swamp atmosphere straight from South Florida a place of total shit and invasive species which we will abandon for the Pacific North West wilderness as soon as we reach our satisfaction in the summer lands of lust.