Monday, May 9, 2016

V/A - "Russian Anarchist Black Metal" (2016)

V/A "Russian Anarchist Black Metal"

Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal with various influences (Crust, Grind, Post-Rock, Dark Ambient, etc.)
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Iprit - Surrounded By Wolves
  2. Бесконечная Зима - Навь
  3. Lago - Чернеют флаги
  4. Minaret - Шахтерская
  5. Axidance - Aeon III - The old spirit of war
  6. The Homeless Is Dead - Samostrel
  7. Nimrud - Ishkur
  8. kageraw - когда приходит весна...
  9. Искра Жизни - Механизм производства
  10. iзба - 1914
  11. warona - не позволь крови засохнуть
  12. Ancient Oak - Iron troll
  13. Кривда - Решение
  14. Tlaloc - ...
  15. Варзуга - В изоляции там
  16. Дно - Голос прошедшей эпохи

Since I'm back to posting here for a moment, let me present a cassette compilation made by the members of the RABM VK group. Unlike the Nazis Make Me Vomit! compilation, it was made without my direct help, but I'm still happy to see so many RABM-related projects in the scene that historically was dominated by far-right bands, and that all my work during these years wasn't in vain - even if the days when I was enthusiastic about the R&A movement are long gone.

The compilation features all sorts of RABM-related stuff including raw BM, blackened crust, grind & screamo, post-BM, and some dark ambient as well. This is NOT the rip of the actual cassette because I haven't received my copy yet; all the tracks were found elsewhere on the net. If you want to purchase the cassette, you can try your luck by writing to imhopang (a) riseup (.) net or bh.distro (a) gmail (.) com. The number of copies is very limited!

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