Friday, May 13, 2016

Tensión - "Sujeto automático" (2016)

TENSIÓN "Sujeto Automático"

Year: 2016
Genre: Post-Punk
Country: Argentina

Track List:
  1. W.S
  2. Vergüenza (Shame)
  3. Boda (Wedding)
  4. Coreografías absurdas (Absurd choreographies)
  5. Batallones de amargura (Battalions of bitterness)
  6. Los malos días terminarán (Bad days will end)
  7. Insoportable (Unbearable)
  8. Fe (Faith)

I guess we have never shared post punk here before, but this came from one of our readers. "Tensión" are from Argentina and they have an Anarchist ideology. The lyrics on this album are quite simple but they got a good message on them. I also listen to their first album and in case you want to listen it too you can do it here.


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