Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Depressick - "Sub-Urban II" (2015)


Year: 2015
Genre: Atmospheric, Depressive Black Metal
Country: México

Track List:
  1. Sub Urban...
  2. Nowhere
  3. Inferiority Complex
  4. Misdeeds
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Sorrow, hate, urban life, melancholy... all of this involves the second demo of this Mexican band. (You can also listen and download for free their first demo here). 
The band was formed on 2013 in Mexico city, having as an inspiration bands as Lifelover. According to them there are a lot of things that inspires the band, first of all the place they come from and the asphyxiating life in a city like that, also alcohol and the effects it causes on feelings, inner struggles... basically it's all about the personal members experiences living in an oppressive city and how they pass through the concrete jungle. 

Right now the band is working on new material that will come out this year. 

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