Saturday, April 2, 2016

Red Winter - demo I (1999)


Year: 1999
Genre: Black Metal
Country: France

Track List:

  1. First Toil Then The Grave pt.1
  2. First Toil Then The Grave pt.2
  3. First Toil Then The Grave pt.3
  4. The Strike
  5. Tchabye
  6. Cut an' Paste
  7. Toward The Twilight (Night in Gales)
It's almost impossible to find any reliable info about this band, so they might very well be another joke band like the ones featured in my previous entry, but I found their music to be quite interesting. The only place on the net where you can find this demo is this blog, and while I can't say it's an NSBM blog, it's certainly not RABM-friendly. The thing is that its owner is very much against his own rips being re-posted by other sites, and I think I should honor that, despite all ideological disagreements. This demo is really rare and obscure stuff, after all. The band had released at least one other demo in 2000, so let's hope that someone would find and rip it too.

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  1. Hey, Thank you very much for linking to my blog and respecting my wishes. It doesn't need to be against political stances - I support anyone promoting good and obscure music, and I sure as hell appreciate this.