Thursday, April 7, 2016

[sömn] - "konflikt" (2016)

[sömn] "konflikt"

Year: 2016
Genre: Noise, Dark Ambient, Power Electronics
Country: Sweden

Track List:
  1. maktmakeri
  2. pengar=våld
  3. kartor
  4. produkt - människovärde
  5. för-/motakt

Minimalistic noise from Malmö, Sweden. The author is a reader of my blog, and the main reason he sent this release to me is his willingness to provide a radical alternative in a genre that's too infested with fascists. Of course, any feedback from the listeners would be appreciated.

"[sömn] is a one-person project based in Malmö. There has been three releases s to date, and the albums act more like collages of themes, with konflikt being the first political one, dealing primarily with class society and repression of progressive/revolutionary movements.

So far, the releases have been experimental in the sense that I have been toying around with samples, field recordings and images in freeware without knowing what I'm really doing. Usually, the tracks end up as some sort of dark ambient, industrial, noise, power electronics or some of their derivatives.

Although there are some tracks that I am happy with on my releases so far, I wouldn't consider my music "good". There is a fourth release in the making though, which I'm taking more seriously. Hopefully I will be able to produce a more coherent sound/atmosphere."

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