Thursday, April 7, 2016

Downward Spiral - "The Things To Come" (2013)

DOWNWARD SPIRAL "The Things To Come"

Year: 2013
Genre: D-Beat, Hardcore
Country: Cyprus

Track List:
  1. Αυτή η κοινωνία (Τhis society)
  2. Τηλεόραση (Television)
  3. Αστυνομία (Police)
  4. Στο αύριο ζω (I live in tomorrow)
  5. Έστω και για λίγο (Even for a while)
  6. Το μισώ όταν ελπίζω (I hate hoping)
  7. Εξεγέρσεις (Uprisings)
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Another band from Cyprus that's quite similar to En Psychro in terms of both sound and ideology:
"Downward Spiral were created at the start of 2012. They consist of ex-members of cypriot DIY bands Entos ton Teihon (Within the Walls) and Aposynthesis. We play crust punk music and continue to insist in the DIY philosophy and way of doing things"

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