Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mad Trapper - Kill Us, Start Anew (2013)

Mad Trapper - "Kill us, Start Anew"

Year: 2013
Genre: Metalcore
Country: Canada

Track List
  1. Born of Hatred
  2. Ego Weendigo
  3. Pyres
  4. Innocent
  5. Fools
  6. Burning Moth
  7. Meaning(less)
  8. Magnum Opus
For those who might see the term 'metalcore' and go "eeeeeegghh", I totally understand. There's a huge influx of metalcore still in a lot of scenes that just does the same open note breakdown. I normally wouldn't post something like that here but these guys are exceptional in that they do metalcore "properly". That being extreme metal influenced by hardcore. This falls more on the metal end of the spectrum in that it has some very thrashy riffs combined alongside death metal/grindcore drumming.

I've played with Mad Trapper a bunch and they're really good guys and while they might not be anarchist or explicitly left-wing, they certainly maintain a decent worldview that sets them apart from the usual macho tough dude band.

They also have a new release coming out soon which has a single currently up for download.


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