Monday, December 22, 2014

Deafest/Uaithne - "Of Moss and Stone" (2014)

DEAFEST/UAITHNE - "Of Moss and Stone"

Year: 2014
Genre: Instrumental Black Metal/Folk
Country: USA

Track List
  1. Shattered Visions
  2. A Bed of Needles and Cones
  3. Frozen Dreams, Pierced by Time
  4. Scree Fields
  5. Blood Soaked Stone

Hey everyone, it's Preston again. Haven't had time to update as much myself because of school but I'm excited to post a fantastic release that just came out the other day. Many of you are probably already aware of the instrumental black metal band Deafest and the co-contributing band Uaithne (Formerly known as "In the Sea of Trees") who are also instrumental but non-electric in nature. This release plays each artist's songs back to back, offering both project's equal representation of the natural world. It is fantastic in application, powerful, and really nothing short of what you would expect from these musicians.

Hoping to post some more albums in the meantime while I'm on break. If you got anything, send it my way. "p - system @ hotmail 'dot' com"

Deafest bandcamp/Uaithne bandcamp

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