Wednesday, December 31, 2014


It's the final hours of 2014, an year that was pretty rich in various happenings. After summing it up, I'm sorry to say that I've lost my faith in many sections of what constitutes the modern "left". Be it "anarchists" which voluntarily joined the openly neo-nazi battalion (now a regiment) "Azov", or the trotskyists which "critically support" ISIS against the Kurds in Syria (if you're interested, there are two lengthy threads about it on Revleft: 1, 2), it doesn't look like something I want to be a part of. There actually are much more examples like that, but these two are just the most illustrative.

I simply don't feel like writing about it any more, because I don't want to start any political discussions right now. All I wanted to say is while I still support the core left-wing values and realise that there were (and still are) some great people on this side of things, now I started to seriously doubt if I really doing something worthwhile by continuing this blog... or not? That's the main reason for my depressive mood during the last few months, as well as for my desire to find people that will continue to run this blog if I decide to abandon it. Now I have some free time until 10th of January, and about a dozen of albums to review, bit I'm not sure if I'll continue posting here after I'm finished with that.

On a bottom note, 2014 might be bad politically, but when it comes to music, it actually wasn't that bad, and I hope 2015 won't be either. Stay tuned!


  1. Look, I really know how you feel about the left being horribly incompetent. As a left communist, it's pretty clear to me how much the left wastes its time on stupid reformist nonsense and "anti-imperalism."

    Stay strong. The left may be weak but the proletariat is strong. This blog is a nice resource and I'd hate to see it go away.

  2. Radical work is hard, otherwise it wouldn't be radical. This is the life worth living! To quote Nietzsche out of my heart: this life is struggle, who doesn't want to fight, doesn't have to live.

  3. Don't you *DARE* quit. You are one of the shining stars in the music blog millieu-- your insights are some of the most erudite I've had the pleasure of reading and you've given me a VERY much needed perspective on world events. I heard about the YPG from you, MONTHS before I heard ANYONE talk about them-- hell, months before Vice made their documentary.

    I'm noticing more and more neo-nazis and third positionists co-opting leftist rhetoric and symbology to hide their true colors, and blogs like this (and people like YOU, goddammit!) still show me that not everyone's brain is melting into a puddle of directionless goo. It's important to show that there is some resistance to NS elements in the BM scene-- and that RABM can produce some stunning music. Have heart; the work is hard but it is necessary. You are necessary. A bunch of tankie creeps aren't. Rise like a lion, goddammit!

  4. Don't give up, if you want I could help out with the blog. I'm an anarchist communist and very big into metal and a variety of other music

  5. Your blog is the most politically informed and musicall y challenging in the leftish/anarchist era. It is you that guided me and many many others into the red and black metal realm. It was at your blog that i found what i was looking for ..everytime, post by post.
    More people need to find out about your blog..

  6. Statism is truly dead. Mathematics, especially the law of exponents can not be escaped, as the laws of physics are not suggestions. To observe economics (non-Keynesian religion) devour the corpse of statism is retribution no revenge plan implementation could achieve. Fuck the "left", fuck "communism", fuck the "mixed economy model" for what it is, a tax farm history of your enslavement.

    Anarcho-Capitalism Or Else.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

    1. Can you please stop spamming your shitty website? Nobody cares and you're just wasting your time.

    2. Truth hurled at mankind strikes a majority of enemies. 99.99% of the human race is pure scum by choice. It's irrational to seek the conversion of others. Anarchy is not a campaign.

      Thank you for your poseurism-feign-concern for my time. Fuck your anonymity cowardice. Statism is truly dead.

      Anarcho-Capitalism Or Else

      Woodchuck Pirate
      aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  7. All statists seek to establish a monopoly on force
    against individuals. Whenever any individual dares
    to demand real freedom, they are warned by statists
    to stop, lest they hurt their fellow livestock.

    The conflict remains freedom versus statism.

    Patriotism-statism-obedience-dependence is not a
    chain of freedom. The author of RABM is obviously
    standing at the crossroad of truth, where it is
    known that 99.99% of the human race wants statism
    not freedom. All statism is the practice of
    bottomless collectivism. All statists are
    status-quo huggers posturing entitlement for a
    "fairer" split of the stolen loot. The author of
    RABM is obviously disatisfied to be oppressed by
    fellow livestock, whom are identified by apathy
    and aversion to principle. Surely there will be
    future moments where apathy is nudged aside by
    institutionalized fascism. It is purely rational
    that the author of RABM recoils in disgust, as only
    ego stands between self-slavery and freedom. It
    takes guts to kill your go, as evident in the
    99.99% failure rate of the human race. It takes
    guts to be for the living, and let the dying bury
    the dead. Statism is truly dead.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  8. I hope you are strong enough to continue the blog. Without this blog, my life would be like an empty hole.

    Nervekilling Günni
    www.facebook. com/ekranoplanband

  9. Don't quit my friend, you have something truly valuable & valued here. You are the Jarl of the RABM scene. You are RABM & the fact that you question your peers even shows more & more that you are no sheep, never questioning anything, you are truly Red & Black. If you need help I am here & you can message anytime to help out, I'm a green anarcho-syndicalist who is very into obscure underground BM, RABM & Noise. Good Luck & Chin up fellow comrade. ☭

  10. Please, please, PLEASE don't think the Spartacists are representative of Trotskyists as a whole. My own organization, which is one of the biggest in the the world (the biggest trotskyst party in the world, the brazilian PSTU, is part of it), is an example of the contrary:

    "The heroic resistance of the Kurds who live there against the siege made by the IS must be supported by revolutionaries around the world. In spite of the military superiority of the IS, the Kurdish resistance partially managed to force the occupation out of the neighbourhoods of the city. An extremely progressive agreement was reached between the General Command of the YPG (Kurdish militias) and the Free Syrian Army to fight the IS."

    The entire text is here:

  11. Also, please, don't quit. Revolution is a devourer of men, that is to be sure, and most quit in disgust, but things will never change if all of us do. If you don't get along with any tendency, remain independent and make tactical alliances, and that's it.

    Part of me being a militant nowadays is due to this blog. I found it when it was beggining and it encouraged me at a time things sucked at student movement and I was starting to break with anarchism. While I eventually went fully Trotskist, I still have a lot of respect for this blog, and I think lots of people do as well.

    Stand with pride, BK. You live on the country which brought us the first proletarian revolution in the world. That has to count for something.