Friday, November 7, 2014

Worhs - "Le Temps des Blasphèmes" (2014)

WORHS "Le Temps des Blasphèmes"

Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal
Country: France/Turkey

Track List:
  1. Fils d'un Avenir Corrompu
  2. Ces Terres Maudites
  3. Fanatisme ?
  4. Les Yeux Ouverts
  5. Destroyers of His Story
  6. Anitkabir ou le Triste Constat
  7. La Mémoire Profanée

Worhs started in June 2014 as a collaboration between WLWD, a metal journalist from Paris (Metallian, Horns Up, Metalliquement Vôtre), and  Emir Togrul, a musician from Turkey (Yayla, Viranesir, Blliigghhtted), initially under the name "Destroyers of History"). Musically, it's old school black metal (reminding me of Profecium for some reason), and the political part of their lyrics is mostly critical of the conservative party that rules Turkey nowadays. "Le Temps des Blasphèmes" is the debut full-length from Worhs, which was released November this year (right now Worhs is an one-man project of WLWD). The whole album is available for preview on youtube:

facebook / bandcamp

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