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Dunnock - split w/ Intergalactic Holocaust (2014)

DUNNOCK "split w/ Intergalactic Holocaust"

Year: 2013
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Dark Ambient/Drone
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Flower of Flesh and Blood
  2. Jan 28th (my harp is turned to mourning)
  3. Kudryavka
  4. Facedown in the Ohio

Dunnock is a black metal project from SF Bay Area which released the debut full-length album a couple of years ago, but I decided not to post it back then, since it seemed to be not particularly in my taste. This is a new release with a more interesting concept which some of my readers might be interested in.

These 4 songs comprise Dunnock's part of a split with a project from Australia called Intergalactic Holocaust. IH mostly specialize in apolitical space-themed horror lyrics and atmospheric BM, while Dunnock's side is more political and therefore more suitable for my blog. The material is divided between two black metal tracks and two dark ambient pieces. The quality of production is still quite "lo-fi" but better than their early works. Here are the release notes:

"The black metal tracks explore the nature of sacrifice in light of the Cold War Space Race with a song being dedicated each to the US and Soviet Union.  

The US track ("Jan 28th") is about the Challenger Disaster, specifically the death of teacher-astronaut Christa McAuliffe, who's presence on the shuttle was primarily a propaganda stunt.  It is told from the point of view of her students who watched the shuttle explode on live television.

The Soviet track ("Kudryavka") is about the Space Dog Laika, who was rushed into space on an unsafe rocket, again as a publicity stunt, and died a horrible death as a result of poor planning. The song is told from the point of view of her trainer. (All things above considered, the track name still sounds quite funny for a BM song. - B.K.)

The ambient pieces are also about sacrifice of one sort or another, and have a political bent to them.  "Facedown in the Ohio" is about a classmate of mine who supposedly drowned in the Ohio River after abusing inhalants.  It's later come to my attention that he may have been murdered and the drowning staged.  In either case it is a reflection on the sorry condition of my home state of West Virginia, which has been robbed and raped by the coal and oil companies, the people left jobless and destitute, prone to violence and substance abuse, with perhaps the lowest life expectancy rate in the developed world.

The other piece "Flower of Flesh and Blood" is named after the film, itself an exploitative story about the sexualizing of violence and literal bloody sacrifice in the name of personal pleasure"


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