Sunday, September 14, 2014

Protestant - "In Thy Name" (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Hardcore
Country:  USA

Track List:
  1. Vengeance
  2. Carrion
  3. Never Forget
  4. Vultures
  5. Blood
  6. In Thy Name / Hell's Insanity
  7. Forfeit
  8. Delusion
Protestant is another band I had the opportunity to experience live this summer at the Gilead Media Fest.  They are a hardcore band at their core, but this time ended up making basically a black metal album.  The exception to this is that the vocals are still pretty much hardcore style vocals, but it doesn't really take anything away from the record to me.  I won't go into too much detail here, but I plan to write a more complete review for my Rage and Frustration site.  Also, stay tuned to the Rage and Frustration radio show as I'll be running an interview I did with vocalist/guitarist Cory Von Bohlen in a couple of weeks.  

In terms of being a good fit for this site, lyrics like the following lead me to believe that they share many of the general sentiments found here:

Rapacious pigs come to control / All that has worth / The savage and the stupid / The inappropriate and unnecessary / Humorless bloodsuckers committing crimes / Flippant rotten beasts / Flattened cheap / Unfettered and rank / Fetid vile cheats / Tactless bigots swing / Reckless their necks / And if no rope / Then by hand - from Vultures

Cory is also the guy who runs Halo of Flies (a label in Wisconsin, USA well worth checking out) and says the following on his website for the label:

I maintain that diy punk/hc/etc is the best thing going right now.  Support the network of friends that keeps it going.  I will keep going until I can't anymore.  Halo of Flies website

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