Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hexer - "Hexer" (2013)

HEXER "Hexer"

Year:  2013
Genre:  Black Metal
Country:  USA

Track List:

  1. I:I
  2. I:II
  3. I:III
  4. II:I
  5. II:II
  6. II:III
The self-titled debut of the shadowy Philadelphia black metal project Hexer features a misanthropic, anti-Christian tale of the son of God joining forces with Satan to annihilate the human world.  I had the opportunity to interview Phlegethon and Ansgar this summer while at the Gilead Fest and feal this project is a good fit here.  The interview will run later on my radio show.  Musically, this is stripped down black metal with a lot of thrash influence and a lo-fi aesthetic.  Originally it was recorded individually onto cassette, but is now available on vinyl through Gilead Media.  I'll post the Bandcamp link for digital download as well.

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