Sunday, December 22, 2013

Krawwl - "Nihil MMXIII" (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Ireland


Cassette Demo, No. 1. Released August, 2013.
20mins (presented on one side of a 40min tape)

Very interesting release (consisting of an intro and 4 unnamed tracks), but I have nearly no info about the band. The only thing they've provided me is the contact address: krawwl.mmxiii(at)gmail(dot)com. They also participated in the "Endless Torment" compilation by Cvlt Nation.


P.S. There's still a lot more demos in my incoming mail, many of which similarly lacking info about the bands/artists themselves. I'll probably take a rest until the new year, and then look into all these demos (with help of my co-editors) when I'll have free time. Stay tuned.

Nostalgique - "Veil" (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Post-Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Blackness of the Eternal Curtain
  2. Dark Night of the Soul
  3. Recollection
  4. Reflective Paradox of Monotony
  5. Veil

A release by one of my Baltimore-based readers. After looking at the album cover and track names, you might this it's just yet another atmospheric/depressive BM project. It isn't quite true; while it's indeed based on atmospheric BM/DSBM, it actually incorporates elements of different BM subgenres.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ancient Oak - "Никто не вернет, никто не вспомнит" (2013)

ANCIENT OAK "Никто не вернет, никто не вспомнит"

Year: 2013
Genre: Instrumental Black/Pagan Metal, Blackened Crust
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Никто не вернет
  2. Никто не вспомнит

This single was released because the upcoming full-length album (titled "Huldufólk") is still in the works and not going to be released anytime soon. However, a preview of "Huldufólk" is already available here. As for this single, it's good as always, and fortunately there's no vocals (which were the weakest part of "Den Siste Bastion").

Nidra - "Кома" (2013)

NIDRA "Кома"

Year: 2013
Genre: Doom Metal
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Серная скорбь
  2. Внутренняя вечность
  3. Ушедшим прежде
  4. Мор
  5. Забвение
  6. Скитание
  7. Отчуждённость
  8. Рассвет
  9. Блуждающие / Procession of the Dead Clowns (Blut Aus Nord cover)

We have a long history of mutual support with निद्रा (aka Nidra), so I decided to post their newest LP here, even though they're neither an openly political band, nor a black metal band by now. This album is more or less pure doom metal, not much reminds of their BM roots. That said, it's a great album, probably one of the best releases by the ex-USSR doom metal scene. The vocal work could be better, though, but otherwise it's very good and definitely recommended to everyone, especially to those who liked their early releases (btw, they got their foreign audience mostly because of my blog; hope this post will help too).

Friday, December 20, 2013

Redneck Warmachine - "Cryptic Basement Terror" (2011)

REDNECK WARMACHINE "Cryptic Basement Terror"

Year: 2011
Genre: Grindcore, Crustgrind
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Guard Bears
  2. A.C.B.H.G.S.
  3. The Darkness That Sweeps From The North
  4. The Reeking Horde
  5. The Weed Experience
  6. Pedal

After I mentioned Redneck Warmachine in my Radagast post, people started to ask me where to download their demo, as it turned out to be quite hard to find. Well, here it is. I also received a message from one of the members of RD. According to him, the band is on hiatus right now, but hopefully there will be more releases in the future. The one and only RD demo was recorded two years ago.

Project Dekadenz - "D-Day Apocalypse" (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Metallic Crust
Country: Estonia

bandcamp / facebook

Intense metallic crust/d-beat from Estonia, aggressive, fast (definitely breaking the stereotype of "Estonian slowness"!), and primitive. PD were formed in 2010 in Tartu. They've discovered my blog not so long ago and thought that their newest album "D-Day..." (released 1st of September 2013) would fit in well. I think so too. ;)

Negative Standards -split w/ Whitehorse (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Blackened Crust/Doom/Sludge
Country: USA


Another band that mixes blackened crust with doom/sludge, and whose releases already were featured on my blog before. Here's 2 tracks from their newest split 12'' w/ Melbourne-based band Whitehorse. There's more blackened crust and less doom/sludge, if compared with their earlier stuff. Whitehorse's side of the split can be found here.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Act of Impalement - "Hyperborean Altar" (2013)

ACT OF IMPALEMENT "Hyperborean Altar"

Year: 2013
Genre: Blackened Doom Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Necromancer's Theme
  2. Teutoburg Forest
  3. Upon the Hyperborean Altar of the Triad Gods
  4. No Viking Funeral for Betrayers
  5. Inquisition (of the Innocent)
  6. Northumbrian King
  7. Rise, Ancient Pantheon
bandcamp / facebook

A new EP from this Nashville-based "war doom from Hell" band, definitely better than their debut demo: much heavier, more BM- and old school death metal-influenced. The band members adhere to the DIY punk ethos.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Napalm Christ - demo (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Blackened Death Metal, Deathgrind
Country: USA
Label: A389 Recordings / Goatprayer Records

Track List:
  1. Idols of Evil
  2. Life is Dimming
  3. Reclaimed by the Earth
  4. Nuclear Holy War
  5. Despoilment of Will
  6. Burning Away the Scourge
bandcamp / facebook

One more demo submitted for possible inclusion on my blog, on which I'd agree with this review: it's definitely one of the best demos I heard in the last few months. Despite black metal imagery, the music itself is much closer to death metal/grindcore and (at times) doom/sludge. Very powerful release, highly recommended!

Kiffin Rogers - Guitar, Vocals 
Michael Lawrence - Guitar 
Alan Wells - Bass, Vocals 
David Sroczynski - Drums 

Recorded by Alan Wells with assistance from Keith Bracy (Little Rock, AR)

Mastered by Collin Jordan at Boiler Room Mastering (Chicago, IL)
Artwork by Dennis Lee Hughes

Almanac - split w/ SNB (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: USBM, Blackened Punk
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Sacrifice
  2. Seance
  3. Emersion
  4. Harvest

4 new tracks from Almanac (whose debut release was posted on my blog this spring), soon to be released on a split tape w/ Malaysian noisecore band Shitnoise Bastards.

"Almanac return with four blistering, yet refined tracks of their scathing black metal-punk attack. A slightly cleaner and more atmospheric sound for this recording demonstrates the matured and evolving sound of the one man project. The four incantations that follow conjure forth the power of the seasons only truly attainable on the date of its manifestation- Halloween.  
Tape SOON available on Total Shit Productions, Malaysia.

The Dead Process - "Truth=Nightmare" (2013)

THE DEAD PROCESS "Truth=Nightmare"

Year: 2013
Genre: Dark Ambient, Industrial Noise, Power Electronics
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Truth=Nightmare
  2. The Dead Process (HighWay17 Perversion Version)
  3. Distorted Perception (Requisitio Sensus Aeternum Remix)

Political noise/industrial/ambient project from Murom (~400km from Moscow), started in 2010 by Vladimir "Dissonance" (as of now, The Dead Process is a duo consisting of Vladimir and Xenia). Maybe not exactly anarchist, but definitely left wing. Honestly, this EP is nothing special in terms of sound, but I think they deserve respect for their social awareness, as well as for being a live project which is touring even small provincial towns where most people don't even know what "industrial" or "noise" music is.

facebook / twitter / soundcloud

Iprit - "Stagnation" (2013)

IPRIT "Stagnation"

Year: 2013
Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Punk
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Свидетелей не будет
  2. Последний поезд
  3. Stagnation

 A new EP from Siberian black metal punks. If you liked their earlier recordings, you probably will enjoy this one too.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

WÖLVEFRÖST - "Barbarian Hellstorm" (2013)

WÖLVEFRÖST "Barbarian Hellstorm"

Year: 2013
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Drums of War
  2. Iron Fist of the Orc
  3. Barbarian Hellstorm
  4. Gravelord
  5. Burning a Troll
  6. Amongst the Mist
facebook / bandcamp

Very intense blackened crust from Seattle, somewhat monotonous yet very brutal and powerful. A short review of  "Barbarian Hellstorm" can also be found here.

"This is a blackened D-beat project, but rather than lyrical themes of nuclear warfare it focuses on fantasy realms of tolkien/d&d etc. Hope it can find a place on RABM although it is not a political band"

Radagast - "An Earthly Sacrament" (2012)

RADAGAST "An Earthly Sacrament"

Year: 2012
Genre: Cascadian Black Metal
Country: USA


"Amazing green, apocalyptic, cascadian, epic, folk-black metal. Radagast began with Mark Tierney(the talent behind the project, and drummer of blackened crust-grind band Redneck Warmachine)..."

Well... can't say it's that amazing, but it's certainly a good debut which shows a lot of potential. Definitely recommended for everyone who's into Cascadian scene. And for those who's into crustgrind, Redneck Warmachine album  "Cryptic Basement Terror" is highly recommended too.

Irony - "Sheitan Kommando" (2011-2013)

IRONY "Sheitan Kommando"

Year: 2013
Genre: Blackened Crust/Thrash Metal
Country: Belgium

Track List:
  1. Wolves Will Eat You
  2. Boring Town
  3. Family
  4. Ironic Bastard
  5. Satanic Penis
  6. Fashion Warfare
  7. Sheitan Kommando
  8. The Quest
  9. Satanic Penix (bonus)
  10. Wolves Will Eat You (bonus)
  11. Fucking Hipster (bonus)
bandcamp / facebook

"Irony was born at the end of 2009 in Brussels (Belgium) by Belial and Saami as a crossover project, they were soon joined by Cezary on drums and started to mix up them influences to made something between the 80's hardcore, thrash metal, crust punk and some kidding lyrics to protest against serious bands that are talking about stuff they don't even understand to look "trve"...

Influences: Bathory, Black Uniforms, Broken Bones, Descendents, Discharge, Sacrilege, Slayer, Sodom, Venom, ..."

Human Bodies - demo MMXIII (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: USBM, Blackened Punk
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Segments, Nevermore
  2. Stygian Reverie
  3. Dregs
  4. While the Others Wait

A 2-piece, raw, punk-infused anarchist black metal band from Boston, MA. Human Bodies are a very new project (formed just about 2 months ago), and released only one short demo so far.

Smuteční slavnost - "Nářky věčného zatracení" (2013)

SMUTECNI SLAVNOST "Nářky věčného zatracení"

Year: 2013
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Czech Republic

Track List:
  1. Štěkot obrovské smečky psů a kvílení duševně nemocných
  2. ...a pátý jezdec je Strach
  3. Ansuz
  4. Hození boha do propasti
  5. Národ věčného Podzimu
bandcamp / blog

"Strictly unorthodox black metal from Praha", finally released their first cassette titled "Nářky věčného zatracení". The music is indeed unorthodox, and sounds more like industrial than metal at times (track #4 for example), but overall it's black metal (albeit avant-garde). The cover image is a still from Béla Tarr's experimental movie "The Turin Horse".

All the tapes are soul out by now, but you still can visit their bandcamp page and buy their mp3 for whatever price you want, if you wish to support the Czech antifascist BM compilation they would be part of.

Monday, December 9, 2013

JØTNARR - demo (2013)

JØTNARR "demo"

Year: 2013
Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Crust
Country: UK

JØTNARR are a new 3-piece blackened crust band whose first 2-track rehearsal demo is available off their bandcamp page. According to the band, they've found my blog while searching for Orhorho. A short review of their demo can be found here.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Burnt X Cross - s/t (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Metallic Hardcore
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Архистратиг  
  2. Прокаженный
  3. Триумф Рабов
  4. Четыре Всадника
  5. Люцифер
bandcamp / facebook

Hardcore/metal from the heart for Siberia (Novosibirsk). Definitely recommended to those who are into Holy Terror HC (I think it'd go without saying, though; the cover art speaks for itself). I've listened to this EP right after it was released (a month and a half ago), but I didn't knew that they read my blog.

Fifteen Dead & Wolfe - Humanity Is Ending (2012)

FIFTEEN DEAD / WOLFE "Humanity is Ending"

Year: 2012
Genre: Blackened Crust, Blackened Grind
Country: UK / Australia

Track List:

  1. XIV
  2. VII
Fifteen Dead
  1. Antitheist
bandcamp / bandcamp
Both Fifteen Dead and Wölfe already were featured on my blog before, so I think they need no introduction. It's strange, though, that I didn't knew about this spit until last week, even though it was released in 2012. P.S. It's also funny that the album poster is an 11Mb file, while all the mp3's altogether are only 8.5Mb.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Entfremdung - demo II (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Raw Black Metal, Ambient
Country: UK 

Track List:
  1. Intro + Our March
  2. Hymn
  3. Kallt Krig

The second demo from Entfremdung, also available at Red Shambhala. 3 tracks, released as limited CD-R.

Larva ov Cum - "IRA" (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Industrial Black Metal
Country: Italy 

Track List:
  1. La supplica dell'IRA
  2. Calcolando l'equazione della schiavitù
  3. Imploro fiumi di IRA Sociale
  4. La perfezione del numero Sette
  5. La teoria del Lacrimogeno Angry Birds
  6. Alti inni al tempio bancario
  7. La congettura dell'ardimento del ruffiano
  8. Invocazione finale

The 3rd release from Larva ov Cum, with all the hallmarks of LoC - mainly, clean vocals and political/satirical lyrics. As far as I can understand, the lyrics are mostly a satire of the current political situation in Italy, and the album title is an apparent homage to the Irish Republicanism. Personally I was never a big fan of the IRA; moreover, I think the prayer of IRA (a predominantly Catholic organization) isn't the best choice for an intro of a black metal album. (as it turned out, "ira" is just Italian for "anger", so I probably wasn't right in my guess. Well, nevermind) However, if you liked two previous LoC albums, I think you'll like this one as well.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Abnabak - "Under The Mask Of Humanity" (2013)

ABNABAK "Under The Mask Of Humanity"

Year: 2013
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Morocco 

Track List:
  1. From War
  2. Hate
  3. Misanthrope
  4. There Is A Period To Everything

This is the first time when I receive an album from my Moroccan readers. Abnabak was formed in 2009 in Agadir as an one-man project of Aggor, "influenced by the dark abyss of philosophy and the differents faces of deep schizophrenia". The bandname means "anonymous" in Amazigh (Berber) language. Musically it's just standard early 90's-style black metal... but I definitely know which of my readers is interested in stuff like that. For more Amazigh metal, see here.

facebook / youtube

Dusk - s/t (2013)

DUSK "Dusk EP"

Year: 2013
Genre: Drone/Doom
Country: USA 


Dusk are from Minneapolis, two of their members were formerly in Toil. According to them, all of them identify themselves as anarchists. Here's their debut EP, consisting of 4 unnamed instrumental tracks:

"I wouldn't call our music blackened in any way. It is haunting and sorrowful drone metal, with heavy influences from Earth. And while there are no lyrics (hence hard to interpret as political), we certainly hold that making DIY music is a political act and I view this music as de-alienated creative labor"