Saturday, June 22, 2013

Banewreaker - "Banewreaker" (2013)

BANEWREAKER "Banewreaker"

Year:  2013
Genre:  Blackened Hardcore
Country:  USA

Track List:
  1. Masterful Wroth
  2. Treasonous
  3. Foment
  4. The Calm
  5. Shallow Roots
  6. Gaoler's Whip
  7. Bilenursed
  8. Banewreaker

Banewreaker is a blackened hardcore band from Eugene, Oregon featuring members of Arkhum, LORD, Grst, and Earthenwomb.  This is their first release.  Here is how they describe themselves:

"All band members are sympathetic to the Cascadian socio-political movement, especially that part of it that acknowledges the foundational importance of nature and which seeks to liberate it from the destruction imposed by inhuman corporate interests and political forces they manipulate.  Several band members are environmental activists, and are also developing Cascadian black metal projects.  While not expressly political, most of the ideas expressed in Banewreaker's lyrics describe the personal and inter-personal experiences that occur while living in various states of disappointment, destruction and confusion."

The music found here is angry and aggressive.  Depending on the song, and sometimes within songs, the band oscillates between a sound closer to hardcore (Masterful Wroth, for example) and a sound which shows more of their black metal influences (Foment, for example).  The music is a well crafted blend of styles and contains real passion.  This would be a good soundtrack for activism.  If you want to support them so they can keep making impressive music, head to their bandcamp page.

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