Saturday, January 5, 2013

Razgruha & Nelepa Brena - "Even The Punks Don't Like Us" (2012)

RAZGRUHA / NELEPA BRENA "Even The Punks Don't Like Us"

Year: 2012
Genre: Crust / Grindcore / Powerviolence
Country: Bulgaria 

Track List:

  1. Corporations Are People
  2. Institutional Insanity
  3. CopyFights
  4. Да живей
  5. Кървопричина
  6. Trepanation
  7. Humane Scrutiny
  8. Trepanation 2
Nelepa Brena
  1. Така искам България
  2. Невежеството е сила
  3. Третият свят
  4. Гаргара с тумори
  5. Шоуто на Къци

A split album featuring two Sofia-based crust/grind bands, sent to me by Dan (Nelepa Brena). The lyrics of both bands deal primarily with such problems as exploitation and how capitalism crushes the individual.  I'm posting it here mostly because the crust/grindcore scene is almost non-existent in Bulgaria (indeed, before listening to  this split I didn't knew any Bulgarian crust, grindcore, or non-NS black metal bands at all), and this will help the Bulgarian scene to get more publicity in the punk/metal underground.