Monday, January 7, 2013

Exmisja - "Arche" (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Crust, Post-Rock/Hardcore
Country: Poland
Label: Up The Punx Records

Track List:
  1. Te kilka chwil temu
  2. Na zgliszczach świata
  3. Requiem
  4. Poza światem
  5. Pieśń drzew
  6. Religie
  7. Stoimy na krawędzi
  8. Jak pył
  9. Arche
  10. I co dalej?
  11. Cały świat

Exmisja are an anarchist band from Gliwice, Poland, at least one of whose members is a reader of my blog. "Arche" is their third release - a concept album dealing mostly with the usual "black/green" topics. Warning: it doesn't sound like any metal at all, it's rather a mix of crust/hardcore and post-rock. Somewhat strange, but not bad at all. If you're unsure whether to download it or not, check out this video first:

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