Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ionnsaich - "va. and vn. learn, teach" (2012)

IONNSAICH "va. and vn. learn, teach"

Year: 2012
Genre: Blackened Neofolk
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Celestial and Textual Signs
  2. Lady of Lawlor
  3. Will We Heed
  4. Despairing
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Yet another one-man folk project from Cascadia. The music is basically acoustic folk with aggressive vocals, something in the vein of Into the Rhine and Legion of Moon. Release notes:

"The demo is called "va. and vn. learn, teach" and was recorded by Ignat from Wreck and Reference & a limited 25 tapes will be released on Amputape. This release has been my break from the confines of a band.

After listening to lots of Cascadian/American/Anarchist/Acoustic BM, Neo-folk, & acoustic acts I found myself wanting. Plugged in bands will not last when the "revolution" or "Apocalypse" comes. Where will they be when the generator runs out? Many Neo-folk & acoustic acts either put me to sleep or are based in a folk-punk back round both of which do not embody my outlook. I consider this music to truly be one man acoustic metal.

However ionnsaich is more than just my boredom of musical genres. this is a chronicling of my learning experience of the transcendental powers around & inside me. I consider it no coincidence that all of these songs were written after a challenging experience & after the fact learned that they occurred during a large celestial movement. ie: Lunar Eclipse Aligned w/the pleades, A full moon with an eclipse in Gemini, ect..."


  1. I really like this album. Much more to my taste compared to the work he's done as "wreck and reference".

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  3. Great music awful vocals. Would have been great as an all acoustic act bit the vocals are just terrible.

  4. well this is great album. acoustic guitar with black metal mixed perfectly