Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ritual Harm - "Nothing Is Beautiful / Everything Hurts" (2012)

RITUAL HARM "Nothing Is Beautiful / Everything Hurts"

Year: 2012
Genre: Blackened Hardcore/Grind
Country: Australia

Track List:
  1. The Only Wife For Me is the Damp Earth
  2. When Day Fades to Night and Push Becomes Shove
  3. He that made this knows all the cost, For he gave all his heart and lost
  4. End-Time (Reign of the Bastard)
  5. The Light in Your Eyes will Fade and Die
  6. He Mourns for the Change that has Come Upon Him and His Beloved, And Longs for the End of the World
  7. A Cabin in the Woods
  8. Dead Friends

Black/death metal-influenced hardcore from Brisbane, something in the vein of Young And In The Way. Of course their music is free for download, and at least one of their members reads my blog.

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