Sunday, June 3, 2012

Våld (Stockholm) - demo (2005)

VALD (SWE) "demo"

Year: 2005
Genre: Blackened Punk
Country: Sweden

Track List:
  1. Min Vän & Bästa Fiende
  2. Våld För Mitt Hat
  3. Jag Vill Inte Se
  4. Nejet Ligger i Jaets Tjänst

2005 demo from the Swedish band Våld, which I mentioned a couple of posts ago. Unfortunately, there's almost no info about them (I could find only their logo, and a couple of concert photos), but they were definitely better than Finnish Våld. They were formed in Stockholm, split up circa 2010 (exact date unknown), and had two vocalists (male & female, with prevalence of female vocals). Their homepage,, appears to be now defunct.


  1. Hey people!
    First of all: nice blog! (*new subscriber*)
    Second: I saw this band back in 2008 or 2009 (or 2010?), it was awesome!
    Also I bought this CD-r from them. 8 songs (I think), some studio (pretty lo-fi) and some live recordings. Everything was crammed into one single track so I never bothered to chop it up. But I transcribed all the titles that was on the cover into the meta-data of this file.

    1. Sorry but the link don't works ! it's possible to resend it ?


  2. I saw them like last year, I don't think they split up
    this was the gig:
    the date was may 20 2011

  3. i saw them too, in liége, summer 2011. they live wide apart, so they can't rehearse so often. but what they create is just awesome. and they are nice people. the one singer (J.) is featured in the (btw horribly cliché-filled) documentary "noise and resistance".

  4. Vald played several gigs with Bad Luck Rides on Wheels and Aguirre in their Scandinavian Hunger Tour this spring 2013. They are without one of their former guitarists now, who played in Burning Kitchen in earlier days - I'd be happy for a reup of the 8 Song CD-Rom as well .... great Band

  5. Hello!! Please need about informations about this Vald band!! I need your all Demos..


  7. Thank you for the website !!!