Thursday, June 7, 2012

Disthory - "Perfidia y Óbito" (2012)

DISTHORY "Perfidia y Óbito"

Year: 2012
Genre: Blackened D-Beat
Country: Chile

Track List:
  1. Modas de Mierda
  2. La muerte del Sistema
  3. 1492
  4. Bombas de Odio
  5. JxLxCxMx
  6. Nuclear Nightmare
  7. Die in silence
  8. Te amo D-beat
  9. War is Imminent
  10. Do what you want (Bad Religion cover)
  11. Never Again (Discharge cover)
  12. When the innocent die (Anti-Cimex cover)

Disthory = Discharge + Bathory? Well, now you know what to expect from this demo. Disthory is an one-man project from Chile, formed by Karthagoat (who's also a vocalist in a speed metal/punk band Hatecharged). More info available here (it's another blog of one of my most active readers, 7inchcrust).

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  1. excelente disco a eso le llamo musica con ideologia, no como el punk rock que es una mierda igual que el vaticano