Thursday, June 14, 2012

Заводь - "Ягна" (2011)


Year: 2011
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Country: Ukraine

Track List:
  1. Проклятие
  2. Шабаш
  3. За Тобой
  4. Колопола
  5. Гори, Гори, Гори
  6. Пусть
  7. Голоса
  8. Лучше Умереть
  9. Утро
Don't know why I didn't post this album right after it was released, but better late than never. It's their first full-length release, which definitely wasn't unnoticed on ex-USSR metal scene (actually, it's considered one of the best BM releases of 2011 in Russia and Ukraine, and rightfully so). On this album, Заводь finally moved away from blackened crust (now they state that they never actually played blackened crust, but BM in its various forms, and don't even understand them meaning of the term "blackened crust). Now, like Kora, they prefer not to be labeled as "RABM", "blackened punk" or whatever else - as they want to be judged by their music, not by ideology. "If we belong to any scene, then we belong to the "good music" scene. We hate metal in general, except for a few bands like Peste Noire, and we view punk rock as a hidebound genre. We also dislike most of these Ukrainian black/pagan metal bands - not even because of their ideology, but simply because they're clowns" (Drake, the vocalist)

Not sure if "Ягна" will be released on CD or any other physical media, as the band members don't want to be dependent on any labels. However, their previous EP, "Ritual", was released as a cassette by ROKOT Prods. (Moscow) One of tracks from "Ягна" was also included in a compilation "Punk Aid :: Aceh Calling".
P.S. another review of "Ягна" in English


  1. Great album, for some reaosn I didnt pick up this band before, though I was quite surprised for the musical evolution they have achieved.


  2. yeah this band rules. i need to check the internet more cause i just noticed this.

  3. Apparently the drummer Amorth, plays in Ungern a anti-red NSBM band. " Catapulting into the past,
    Bestial fury is there in my eyes,
    Ragged episodes...
    The flame is in my soul
    Devastation... Bloody clods of earth...
    One litre of blood for the each
    No mercy to the mongrels
    Communism is bullshit
    Red flags and jewish snoots are there and everywhere
    Dug up grave, tortured body of a general,
    Rejoicing inhumen's faces
    Slavonic traditions were devoured by the troll of madness,
    Jewish culturelessness regins...
    Empire's betrayer is leading the biomass,
    The red demons are bringing the lawlessness,
    Envy and lie...
    Adolf Hitler hasn't obeyed!", An example from the album 1 Litre of Blood

  4. Yeah, they have a nazi in the band so they're calling themselves "apolitical" now.

    "We also dislike most of these Ukrainian black/pagan metal bands." Ironic considering their drummer has played in most of them.