Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kata Sarka - "Existential Oblivion" (2012)

KATA SARKA "Existential Oblivion"

Year: 2012
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Returning Over the Chasm (intro)
  2. Wearing the Rings of Saturn as a Halo
  3. Lukewarm Depravity
  4. Atrophy
  5. (segue 1)
  6. Riding a Wind ov Knives into the Eye of a Shitstorm
  7. (segue 2)
  8. Bastard

As it was promised a couple of months ago, here's a full-length album by Kata Sarka officially available for free download. There are no new tracks (except for several instrumental interludes), but if you're new to Kata Sarka, it's a perfect release to start listening to them from.

official site

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