Wednesday, February 29, 2012

:§:omnium - "Gelida Vampa" (2012)

:§:OMNIUM "Gelida Vampa"

Year: 2012
Genre: Dark Ambient
Country: Italy

Track List:

  1. Gĕlāre
  2. Algĭdusŏpŏr
  3. Ănĭmānĕ
  4. Lătĕbra
  5. Borartica
  6. Fortunale
  7. Sublimare


One more project that's related to Italian industrial/gothic/ambient scene. :§:omnium are a dark/drone ambient duo who use only analog sound sources, and merge the visual aspect of their art with pure sound. They call their music "cold ambient", and I think the last day of the winter is the right time to post their first album, which is apparently inspired by wintry coldness. Unfortunately, it isn't available as a download, but you can stream it from bandcamp. As for the visual aspect - here's their promo video:

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