Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wave of Despair (Хвиля Відчаю) - "Відчуження (Alienation)" (2009)

ХВИЛЯ ВIДЧАЮ "Відчуження"

Year: 2011
Genre: Raw Post-Black Metal / DSBM
Country: Ukraine

Track List:
  1. Спомини
  2. Борьба
  3. Взгляд
  4. Гра Суспільства
  5. Моє Життя

Хвиля Відчаю (Wave of Despair), formerly a DSBM project based out of the south of Ukraine, are now working on their first full-length album, which is expected to be a conceptual release dealing with the topics common to the RABM and Cascadian BM scene: environmentalism, civilizational pessimism, societal oppression, etc. Unfortunately, I have no idea at which stage is the work, because they didn't reply to my last mail, and they have no official site/blog.

So I'm posting only this 2009 demo, which is obviously pretty weak, but I hope someone will enjoy it anyway... just don't have too big expectations for it. The lyrics on this demo deal mostly with personal feelings and social alienation, and are all in Ukrainian. According to the band, such choice of language isn't a sign of nationalism, it's just because Ukrainian language seems to be sounding more "atmospheric" and less "trendy" (it was a direct translation of what they wrote to me... not sure if I understood them right). The whole project never had anything to do with NSBM or Ukrainian nationalism; moreover, they view nation as an unnatural social construct which must be overcome.

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