Saturday, November 5, 2011

Peregrinus - demo (2011)


Year: 2011
Genre: Post-Metal (with Cascadian-style BM overtones)
Country: Belgium

Track List:
  1. Collapsing Star
  2. Worlds That Never Were
  3. All Parts Of The Sky
  4. The Fall Of Every Sparrow
  5. Hourglass Of Time
  6. We Humans Are Capable Of Greatness
An interesting coincidence - first I posted a release from a post-metal band (Rings of Rhea) in my blog, then it appeared like another post-metal project has sent me a demo just a couple of hours before that. To be honest, it's pretty amateur stuff, and it's average at best... but it's just a first demo, and it already shows some potential. The only member of the project claims to have anarchist/progressive views, and of course he's a reader of my blog.

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