Friday, January 7, 2011

Cuban revolutionary metal and hardcore

And one more interesting find: a Cuban metal/rock portal. I already know that there's almost no metal or rock bands in the Caribbean, so it was surprising for me to see such a big list of bands. Unfortunately, it seems like most of them are playing generic nu-metal or metalcore... but there are also some interesting projects, namely Protesys (political hardcore/crossover thrash metal), or Resistenzia (formely hardcore/punk, now melodic death metal):There's also a band called Tendencia, playing some kind of rapcore/tribal folk metal highly influenced by the Afro-Cuban folk music. They're one of the oldest active Cuban rock bands (formed in 1993). Not really my kind of music, but they deserve attention because they have a lot of songs with lyrics dealing with political subjects, like Guevarism. My views on Che Guevara are far from admiration, and nowadays' Cuba seems to be as far from true socialism as China or Vietnam... but wait, I don't live there, and the members of Tendencia may have a better sight on all these matters. Here's their cover version of a well-known song "Hasta Siempre, Comandante" dedicated to the memory of Che Guevara:

And for a comparison - the same song, performed live by a Romanian band, Interitus Dei:


  1. thank you m8

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    Protesys - Censura lp (2008)
    from Rare Punk blog

    and a Cuban metal blog

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  4. Bastard, I don't know. Looks like the whole went down. Hope it's only a temporary problem, but how i'm considering moving the forum to a paid host.

    7inchcrust, thanks for the blog link! As for "Censura", i already have it, and I've posted it to my other blog about 10 days ago. How I'm looking for Resistezia's releases...

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