Sunday, September 5, 2010

Watusi Death - "Mental Invasion" (2005?)

WATUSI DEATH "Mental Invasion"

Year: 2005 (?)
Genre: Industrial Rock
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Change Your Ways
  2. Mental Invasion
  3. Snapcase

Watusi Death was a very short-lived anarchist and anti-fascist industrial rock band from Chicago, comprised of black and white punk and skinhead members. "Mental Invasion" is their first and only release, and these 3 tracks are catchy (even though they sound raw as hell). From the wiki:

"Watusi Death was an American anarchist-industrial band from Chicago, IL. The band lineup was formed in 2005 by anarchist punk and skinhead friends from the Chicago DIY punk rock scene. Except for Revskin, none of the band members had experience making and performing industrial music. The main genre influences for programming back beats were 80s new wave, electro, oi, punk, and 80s punk hardcore. Lyrics focus on anarchist rallying, personal struggle and distrust of authority.

The idea for the band came about one day in calvinchaos’ small apartment. It took a while to pin down the sound he was looking for, but after a few days of tinkering on his computer, he decided to move in the direction of underground dark industrial, while adding in cheesy techno and noise guitar.

Having heard his friend Revskins’ past industrial solo project (dubbed C.O.G.), Calvin thought he would be most instrumental in defining the lyrical direction of the band, as well as bringing his past experience in the industrial scene, and knowledge of equipment and mixing. Band members included calvinchaos (programming and guitar), Revskin (lyrics technical dohickeys and vocals), Freddy Dredd (bass) and Jonathought (vocals).

Unfortunately the band was extremely short-lived. After playing live on stage only once, members were all pulled in different directions by other projects including, bands, careers, tattooing and even BDSM master training"

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