Sunday, September 5, 2010

Insurge - "Power To The Poison People" (1996)

INSURGE "Power To The Poison People"

Year: 1996
Genre: Industrial Rock
Country: Australia

Track List:
  1. Speculator
  2. Time Bomb
  3. I.M.F.
  4. Political Prisoners
  5. Soul 4 Sale
  6. AK-47
  7. Redneck
  8. 51%
  9. Another Day
  10. Welfare State
  11. Not So Free
  12. Suburbia
  13. I Hate Stupid People (bonus)

  • Chris Dubrow - guitar, vocals
  • Monique Wakelin - keyboard sampler, vocals
  • Matt Richmond & Adam Logan - percussion
  • Mattieu McRoth - bass
Insurge (commonly typeset iNsuRge) were a political industrial rock band from Sydney, Australia, formed in 1993. I remember their video "I Hate Stupid People" being aired on MTV Russia ~10 years ago, and I always thought they were a relatively popular band. But now, after doing a little search in Google, I was shocked how little known they are (at least outside Australia). Their second album (called "Globalization") isn't available anywhere, but after a long search I found their debut album. The archive also contains their 1999 single "I Hate Stupid People" and booklet scans - for those who are interested in their political message. By the way, their politics were influenced with anarchism, environmentalism, Noam Chomsky's writings, and anti-globalization movement. Here's an interview with Chris Dubrow.

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