Thursday, September 16, 2010

Proletarier - "初夜" (2001)


Year: 2001
Genre: Melodic Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Japan

Track List:
  1. 初夜

This is much less heavy and extreme than most of the stuff I have on my blog. But it's really obscure... and yes, it's left wing.

Proletarier are a very obscure melodic metal/rock band from Japan who released their first and only LP in 1999 and several singles in early 2000s. Almost nothing is known about them, except for the info from their official homepage - but unfortunately it's all in Japanese, and not updated since 2003. They also have some kind of a political blog, so I asked a friend, who knows a little Japanese, to translate it. But we could understand not very much: only that they're leftist and pro-environment. Their leader's name is 覚幸, which could be "Akira Yuki" or "Satoshi Kou"... not sure which transliteration is right. As for the song names, "初夜" is for "First Night", "最良の日" - "Better Day(s)", "幼年期の終わり" - "Childhood's End" (probably a reference to A.Clarke's novel), "赤軍" - "Red Army"... and we couldn't get any better translation for "1945~オッペンハイマーの夏~" than "1945 - Oppenheimer's Summer". Except for this 2001 single, no releases by Proletarier are available anywhere. I'm very interested in getting their first self-titled LP: it seems to be more political, and after 2000 they turned to more glam rock/metal...

By the way, I'm curious about the current state of Eastern Asian leftist movements. There was a lot of anarchists in China and Japan, especially in 1920s, and these guys were pretty badass... but what about today? Anyway, I recommend you to watch the South Korean movie "Anakiseuteu / The Anarchists", and the Japanese one "United Red Army". I'm also going to watch "Lady Snowblood II: The Lovesong Of Vengeance", which is Japanese too, but I'm not sure if it's pro-anarchist or not.

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