Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leech - "Against Leviathan!" (2007)

LEECH "Against Leviathan!"

Year: 2007
Genre: Cascadian Black Metal
Country: USA
Label: Woodsmoke

Track List:
  1. At Once, Our Home Was Overcome By a Roar Which Tore Through Our Hearts, Silencing the Wind and the Quiet Songs of the Birds; We Realised What We Had Lost, and Began to Call to Her
  2. Chained to the Ghost of a Lie, We Blindly Stumble Toward Our Death, Stopping Occasionally to Kick (But Never Question) the Rotted Carcass At Our Feet Which Slows Our Pace
bonus tracks:
  1. True History of Mankind (live)
  2. A Long Forgotten Path (live)
  3. I Saw a Hole in the Man, Deep Like a Hunger He Will Never Fill...

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies w/ poster. The packaging is a 12-page zine detailing the band's anarcho-primitivist sentiments, with the booklet essentially serving as a primer. 50 copies were released on white cassette and also contained the bonus tracks. Limited tour edition reissued with hand-sewn CD cover, sticker, polaroid, poster, and moss housed in a bag block-printed in runes. Limited to 100.
This release by Leech can be characterised by much more "cascadian" sound than their previous words. It's less raw and agressive, and much more atmospheric. Speaking of bonus tracks, they aren't too good when compared with the rest of album, but I've included them in the archive too.
"Leviathan" is a book by Thomas Hobbes published in 1651, concerning the structure of society and origins of state. "Leviathan" itself is a metaphor for a tyrannical government, so the name of this release also reflects the band's anarchist views.


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