Tuesday, July 27, 2010


When I gathered information for my previous post, I found one more band that deserves your attention. Meet Trelleborg, a viking/humppa/folk metal band from SPb, Russia, whose music is inspired mainly by Finnish metal scene. However, they also made cover versions some old Soviet songs. Here's their version of "Katyusha", check it out if you find Mrakobesie's version of it too harsh!

According to their myspace, they're an apolitical band, and most importantly - they doesn't promote any kind of fascist ideology (you know how much the eastern European metal scene is involved in that shit...) And finally - one of the tracks from their 2006 demo, again a cover version of an old Soviet song:
Trelleborg - Песня о тревожной молодости

Preface To The Dead Sea - pre-album tracks (2010)

PREFACE TO THE DEAD SEA "pre-album tracks"

Year: 2010
Genre: Post-(Black?) Metal / Neocrust
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Novaya Zemlya
  2. Jan Mayen
  3. Sable
  4. Redonda

Preface To The Dead Sea are a new 5-piece band from Tula, Russia. It's a side project of members of the political punk/screamo act Namatjira, and they describe their style as "black metal / ambient". However, I can't hear much BM on this demo, it's just post-metal in the vein of Isis and Fall Of Efrafa with acoustic parts and some female vocals. It's actually very good for a first demo, but if you like more fast and aggressive stuff, then it's better to look elsewhere.


Zaherir - "Veraz Aversion" (2010)

ZAHERIR "Veraz Aversion"

Year: 2010
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: Chile

Track List:
  1. La pesadilla ha comenzado
  2. Impaciencia
  3. Hereje
  4. Viviendo el infierno
  5. Misantropia

Excellent blackened crust from Santiago, Chile. Need I say more? One of the band members send me their demo, and I'm pleased to post it here. I've got a lot of visitors from Chile in my blog, and I hope they'll enjoy this demo.


Grave Dancers - "Morbid Nation" (2010)

GRAVE DANCERS "Morbid Nation"

Year: 2010
Genre: Crossover Thrash Metal
Country: Indonesia

Track List:
  1. Dystopia
  2. Dunia Dalam Neraka
  3. Morbid Nation
  4. Arogansi Biadab Para Penjahat Perang
  5. Ideologi Penyembah Tobat
  6. Head Bang Mosh Stage Dive And Circle Pit
  7. Ribuan Terror
  8. Maut
  9. Kulturisasi Basa Basi
  10. Kebiadaban Paradigma Kekuasaan
  11. Pedansa Kuburan

Grave Dancers (or "Pedansa Kuburan") are a political thrash metal/hardcore band from Jakarta, whose music is highly inspired by classical crust punk, d-beat and crossover. "Morbid Nation" is their debut full-length release, and it's quite good. The cover art is just excellent, somehow reminds me of the opening sequence of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (the scene of a riot in Tokyo). Looks like there's a relatively big hardcore/thrash scene in Indonesia, but most of these bands are unknown to the whole world...


Monday, July 26, 2010

H.C.C.E. Orwell - "Hordas en la Jungla" (2009)

HCCE ORWELL "Hordas en la Jungla (demo)"

Year: 2009
Genre: Death Metal / Blackened Crust
Country: Spain

Track List:

  1. Rabia y deseo
  2. Chakaloides
  3. Piratas de Libertalia
  4. Blasfemando entre serpientes
  5. Si yo no ardo
  6. Contra la Europa fortaleza
  7. Hordas
  8. Corazon de un mundo enfermo
  9. Robo


HCCE Orwell are a 3-piece anarchist death metal / black metal / crust punk band from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). The vocalist is from Chile, and the guitarist is from France, but the whole band currently resides in Barcelona. According to their last known lineup, they have no bassist. Their first and only demo "Hordas en la Jungla" was released in September 2009 and contained only 3 tracks. This version contains 6 more tracks ripped from their myspace. Enjoy!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cafe Ulbricht - "Sonidos, Café Solo y Solidaridad" (2005)

CAFE ULBRICHT "Sonidos, Café Solo & Solidaridad"

Year: 2005
Genre: Dark Ambient / Power Electronics
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Creacion/Destruccion
  3. Los Clavos Y La Carne
  4. Mi Invierno
  5. Fin
  6. Sangre
  7. En La Maquinara
  8. La Ill Guerra Mundial
  9. Somos

According to one of founding members of this project: "I did some anarchist industrial with a friend some years ago. We were called "Café Ulbricht" and did an album. We never wanted to release it properly because noone should pay or recieve money for it, not even in a no profit way..."

Well, here it is. I have some more noise/darkambient/industrial-related recommendations (Vae Victis, Frostwinter), but Vae Victis looks like just a joke project (maybe it isn't, but I'm not sure), and Frostwinter isn't explicitly political, just vegan. I think there's already enough noise on my blog, so from now I'll post blackened crust and(a little later) black metal. Stay tuned for updates!

official site

Klang Ruinen - "Klartext" (200?)


Year: unknown
Genre: Industrial / Electronic
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Klartext
  3. Das Progressive Element
  4. Überwachung (V1)
  5. Smart Engine
  6. Überwachung (V2)
  7. Emotion
  8. Überwachung (V3)
  9. Ihr seid Scheiße
  10. Verständnis
  11. Entweder wir schweigen
  12. Gedankenfetzen
  13. Der Kampf hat erst begonnen
  14. Hack the Planet
  15. Die Monotonie des Seins

And finally, a full-length release by KR. For me it's more harsh and sample-filled, when compared to two previous EPs - so I wouldn't describe it as dark ambient, it's rather industrial electronic. Looks like it is a concept album, but I can't say much about it, because unfortunately I can understand spoken German only a very little.

Klang Ruinen - "Winter" (200?)


Year: unknown
Genre: Dark Ambient / Electronic
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Die Zukunft
  2. Fakt
  3. Uitgaan Chaos
  4. Winter

One more release by this German anarcho-industrial project. I know I have readers who like such kind of music, but it's hard to me to review it. Of course it's not metal and not even noise, but the fans of dark ambient/electronic stuff will probably enjoy this EP.

Klang Ruinen - "Atom" (200?)


Year: unknown
Genre: Dark Ambient / Electronic
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Atomkrieg
  2. Tanzende Atome

Klang Ruinen is an anarchist artist from Germany who produce dark electronic and ambient music. Though it's really not my kind of music, I think some of KR's releases are worth your attention. Sorry for such low-quality cover art, I couldn't find the better image anywhere.

Some more noisy stuff for you!

Anchorites - Brace the Sky

Anchorites: "we are a chaos magick/ social libertarian/ stonner/ discordian/ post civilisation/ arts collective, based out of the industrial wasteland of bushwick brooklyn, new york. we play a mix of lo-fi ambient tape black metal, mixed with some noise, sludge and clearer parts. we release everything ourselves diy, so it doesnt really make it very far outside of the new york diy scene.  the band is also comprised of various members of other meta/ punk/ and noise projects, including: opponents, blissed out, (a)truth and when i came back from death. this is a tape demo of a rehearsal thats been spreading around.  also make a point to state that we are vehemently anti: -fascist, -racist, -homophobic, -sexist, -xenophobic, -police, -state and against various other forms of scum".

Enkï - Haxan

The 1st demo track by Enkï, a very raw black metal project emerged from The North Carolina hardcore scene (just like Violent Ends).

Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat - NATO

KM are a very harsh noise project from Russia and Finland, formed in 1999 and recorded their first tape "NATO" in 2004. This is not a full album, just two tracks which are available online for free. From archive.org: "Anarchic power-electronics as it is: roaring feedbacks, metal junk noise attacks, fat synthesizers and powerful vocal, which shouts about rotten society, disgusting politicians and other corrupted bastards. Amazing anarcho-industrial album from uncanny, original and mysterious band".

I also need to mention Vagancy, a new noisecore / grindcore / anarcho-black metal project from Argentina. Up to date, all their releases were made just for fun, as it's extremely difficult to produce any underground music in Argentina. If you aren't afraid of noisecore, then you may search for their releases by yourself.