Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some more noisy stuff for you!

Anchorites - Brace the Sky

Anchorites: "we are a chaos magick/ social libertarian/ stonner/ discordian/ post civilisation/ arts collective, based out of the industrial wasteland of bushwick brooklyn, new york. we play a mix of lo-fi ambient tape black metal, mixed with some noise, sludge and clearer parts. we release everything ourselves diy, so it doesnt really make it very far outside of the new york diy scene.  the band is also comprised of various members of other meta/ punk/ and noise projects, including: opponents, blissed out, (a)truth and when i came back from death. this is a tape demo of a rehearsal thats been spreading around.  also make a point to state that we are vehemently anti: -fascist, -racist, -homophobic, -sexist, -xenophobic, -police, -state and against various other forms of scum".

Enkï - Haxan

The 1st demo track by Enkï, a very raw black metal project emerged from The North Carolina hardcore scene (just like Violent Ends).

Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat - NATO

KM are a very harsh noise project from Russia and Finland, formed in 1999 and recorded their first tape "NATO" in 2004. This is not a full album, just two tracks which are available online for free. From "Anarchic power-electronics as it is: roaring feedbacks, metal junk noise attacks, fat synthesizers and powerful vocal, which shouts about rotten society, disgusting politicians and other corrupted bastards. Amazing anarcho-industrial album from uncanny, original and mysterious band".

I also need to mention Vagancy, a new noisecore / grindcore / anarcho-black metal project from Argentina. Up to date, all their releases were made just for fun, as it's extremely difficult to produce any underground music in Argentina. If you aren't afraid of noisecore, then you may search for their releases by yourself.

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