Saturday, May 29, 2010

Militia - "Everything Is One" (2005)

MILITIA "Everything Is One"

Year: 2005
Genre: Dark Ambient / Industrial / Experimental / Neoclassical
Country: Belgium
Label: Tactical Recordings

Track List:
  1. Only Sheep Need A Leader
  2. New World View
  3. The Fragment And The Whole
  4. They Marked The Path
  5. Vox Populi
  6. The Nature Of It All
  7. The Eco-Anarchic Solution
  8. The Hidden Connection
  9. The New Found Dawn
  10. The Limitation Of Language
  11. On Common Ground
  12. The Relative Truth
  13. Everything Is One

It's latest up-to-date album by Militia, and for me it's slightly less dark and more melodic than "The Black Flag Hoisted". You think about experimental industrial as a very noisy music, but "Everything Is One" is definitely not that case. According to some sources, Militia's music was much inspired by Test Dept., who were anarchists (or at least very left-wing) too. Anyway, Militia are one of the very few bands on the martial industrial scene who dare to proclaim their anarchist views openly, so I think they deserve our support.


  1. Interested in Anarchist NeoFolk? Try some ROME...

  2. You mean this band- ? I don't know much about them, but judging from their site and myspace, there's a fair possibility that they're left wing (maybe even anarchists...)

  3. @Numantikon i like ROME, where i can download some albumbs from them? would be realy nice !

    salut !

  4. i found already, thx for teling about them !

    i checked lyrics and their webpage, they realy look anarchist neo folk to me